The conference will take place at the Faculty of Economics & Business of the University of Chile (Facultad de Economía y Negocios) in Santiago. It is located 500mts. south of O’Higgins Avenue (main street) in downtown Santiago. More precisely, at the PriceWaterHouse auditórium, which is located at Diagonal Paraguay 205/257, Santiago, Chile. If you search for that address in GoogleMap you will get the picture included below.


If you use the Metro (subway), you can either get out at Universidad Católica or station (Line 1), Baquedano station (Line 1 and 5) and Parque Bustamante station (Line 5). From there, you can reach the conference site after a 5 minutes’ walk.


Using the Subway

The Santiago Metro might be the best public transport option if the place you want to reach is located near to one of its stations. Even if not, it might be convenient to move first to the nearest station to your destination first and then take a taxi. Currently, there are five lines (numbered 1, 2, 4a, 4b, and 5; there is no line 3 yet). In most cases, you will use only lines 1 and 2, since most of the interesting spots in Santiago and also the conference venue are located near the stations of these two lines.

In order to pay for the Metro you have two options: you can buy a ticket for a single trip or buy a “BIP” card, which can be recharged with money and used for several trips. There is no difference in the price using one or another paying method, but if you want to use the BIP card you have to buy it first for 1000 pesos (US$ 2.2) and then charge it with money for traveling. The BIP card is required if you plan to use the buses, since it is the only way to pay for them. Moreover, with the BIP card you do not pay again to continue your trip started with the Metro and changing to a bus or vice-versa within 90 minutes.

The price of one trip does not depend on the length of the trip, but there is a difference in the price depending on the hour of the day. The peak hours are from 7:00 to 9:00 and from 18:00 to 20:00; the fare is 670 pesos (about US$ 1.3); the fare is 610 pesos during the rest of the day.

The Metro network: for reaching the conference venue get off at Universidad Católica or Baquedano station on Line 1 (red line).


Taking a Taxi

Taxis are relatively cheap in Santiago compared with most North American and European countries. There is a fixed charge of 200 pesos and then a fare of 90 or 100 pesos (depending on the taxi) for every 200 hundred meters. The same amount is charged for every minute the vehicle is not moving during the trip (for example, waiting for a green traffic light).


Other useful tips


The official language in Chile is Spanish. Most people in the street do not speak English.


Electricity is 220V 50 Hz. Time zone is Greenwich -4. Other information is in Accommodations.