TRAVEL INFORMATION You can come to Santiago flying directly from several cities in the world: Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris, Sydney, Auckland, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Atlanta and New York. Also from many Latin American capital cities.

On arriving to Santiago airport, you have these options to downtown:

  • Taxi: about US$30
  • Transfer (minibus to the hotel): about US$20
  • Bus: about US$7

Please also check your hotel; they may have a courtesy pick-up.

The official currency is the Chilean peso. You can exchange money at the airport, in hotels, banks and “casas de cambio” (the latter may be the most convenient, but do get some pesos at the airport to pay initial expenses).

Please check locally or at the Chilean Foreign Ministry web page if you need to have a visa to travel to Chile. Also, when entering the Santiago airport, residents from a few countries not requiring a visa will be asked to pay a “reciprocity fee”. Those countries are the ones charging Chilean residents to pay for a visa when visiting them.