Santiago and Surroundings 

 image002 1.    Santiago Santiago, founded in 1541, is a mixture of old and modern features. Santa Lucia Hill (panoramic views), Central Square, Cathedral, Central Post-Office, Santiago Town Hall, Government House and Horse Track. Estern modern quarters, lapis lazuli stores.
 image003 2. Andes Vineyards There are top-quality vineyards close to Santiago (Maipo valley). One suggested visit starts with Viña Undurraga, it then continues with Viña Cavas del Maipo (Boutique Vineyard), Viña Concha y Toro, and Viña Aquitania (Boutique Vineyard). Another interesting option is an excursion to Viña Santa Rita. Its winery, declared National Heritage, combines the traditional American and French oak barrels with the most modern production systems.
 image005 3. Colchagua Wine route The Colchagua Valley is located 130 kilometers from Santiago, considered “a paradise” by many enologists. Itsweather conditions allow most grape varieties to adapt perfectly. Fine stocks such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,Carmenère, Chardonnay, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc, are produced here. Suggested vineyards: Viu Manent, Bisquertt or Montes. Suggested lunch at Santa Cruz Hotel and visit the high-quality Museum of Colchagua.
 image007 4.   Wine trainAnother alternative regarding Chilean wine is Wine Train (Tren del Vino), a delightful trip into the past driven by a locomotive built in 1913. On this train you travel along the main vineyards, tasting a selection of wines. Visit vineyards, have lunch at the Santa Cruz Hotel and visit the Museum of Colchagua.
 image009image010 5.  Isla Negra – PomaireOnly and hour and a half from Santiago is Isla Negra, a beach that embraces one of Nobel Prize in Literature winner Pablo Neruda’s houses. The Isla Negra House was built in 1939 out of stone and wood, and it houses a unique collection of diverse items that give it the sense of a big ship. The house’s intriguing collection is made up of items gathered by the poet throughout his lifeComing back to Santiago, visit Pomaire, village based on pottery production whose origins go back to 1771. Its legacy – which can be appreciated in its clay handcraft stores – has been kept for generations.
 image014 6.  The Andes MountainsThis excursion will get you in direct contact with nature. Just one hour away from Santiago there are the most important ski centers of the region. Morethan 2,600 meters above sea level you will reach the ski resorts of Farellones, La Parva, El Colorado and Valle Nevado. Luckily, you may spot some foxes and condors.
 image012 7. Portillo (in The Andes Mountains)In the road connecting Santiago with Mendoza (Argentina) it is possible to visit Portillo Winter Center, the oldest one in South America, founded in 1949. Portillo offers an infrastructure that enables the enjoyment of skiing during winter time and all the attractions of the Mountain in summer time. Its beautiful panorama of Laguna del Inca, located at 2,800 meters above the sea level, is remarkable.
 image017 8.  Viña del Mar and ValparaísoValparaíso, whose origins go back to 1536, is a harbor city, Human Cultural Heritage and seat of the Chilean Parliament. It presents a picturesque view with its elevators, colorful neighborhoods within its 45 hills Visit La Sebastiana, Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda’s museum house.Relatively close is Viña del Mar, which has singular architecture, streets and palaces.